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Oktober 23, 2023

The eagerly awaited opening of Chez Yaya in March 2024 is just around the corner, and I am thrilled to share this incredible journey with you. As the manager of Chez Yaya, I deliberately chose to reside on the premises, nestled within this century-old olive grove. This decision is aimed at making me more available to you, our cherished guests, and fully immersing myself in the unique atmosphere that emanates from this place. Having traversed the globe and lived in various countries, I deeply understand the significance of feeling welcomed and connected, no matter where one may be.

I was born in England, and from a young age, I lived in Switzerland, Spain (my mother’s homeland), Mauritius (my father’s homeland), Lyon in France, and even as far as Rodrigues Island, not to mention other countries (around 15) I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to visit. Each of these places has brought me enriching experiences and has shaped my perspective on hospitality and welcome. This diverse journey has opened my eyes to the world and made me realize the vastness of the different cultures that make up our planet. I am extremely happy and fortunate to discover the Kalymniote culture, which to me, radiates an absolute authenticity. It’s a true delight to immerse myself in this unique culture and to learn about the traditions and way of life of this beautiful island.

Chez Yaya is much more than a mere place to stay; it’s a home, a sanctuary, where the spirit of family is at the core of everything we do. Freedom and mutual respect are guiding principles of our approach, as is our commitment to an inclusive economy. The latter is a vital prerequisite for us, as we aim to contribute to the economy of Kalymnos and its inhabitants, who warmly welcome us to this island.

Our Eco-lodges, nestled within this 8000m2 olive grove, offer ample space to flourish, unwind, and reconnect with nature. Stay tuned for exciting updates to come, and get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Chez Yaya. I am eager to welcome you, share this extraordinary journey with you, and create unforgettable moments together starting from March 2024.


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