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August 15, 2023
Hotel in Greece for Climbers

Initially, we believed our primary focus would be on climbers, given that they constituted 90% of the island’s visitors in the past. However, we’ve come to realize that this dynamic is changing, and our visitors are becoming increasingly diverse – climbers, hikers, nature enthusiasts, seekers of authenticity, proponents of simplicity, and those who simply adore the sea. Kalymnos caters to everyone.

Our aspiration is to welcome an array of different profiles, creating an environment that fosters enriching encounters, moments of intimacy, and the bonds of friendship. While comfort is an integral part of our ethos, our foremost consideration is how you can be your authentic self while engaging with fellow travelers, if you wish. Above all, we want you to feel liberated and at home, where the essence of being yourself naturally intertwines with sharing moments with others. We strongly believe in the authenticity of encounters that happen naturally and with respect for others.

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Online Booking Request

Non-binding Pre-booking! We are delighted to announce that our online booking system will be up and running soon, as soon as the final details of the construction site are completed. In the meantime, you can make a pre-booking without any deposit required. This does not commit you to anything and guarantees you a privileged spot upon the official opening in March 2024.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!